Wega Troubleshooting guide

This guide is intended to be used by persons who have knowledge with electrical appliances and are familiar with electrical test equipment.

Disconnect stove from the AC power source before starting. Proceed with caution.


Auger does not operate but other motors run:

If the red is not light blinking:

 Check the On/Off switch is On?

Check the door is closed?

 If the red is light blinking?

 Test auger motor by connecting it to 120 V.

If it does not run - replace motor.

If motor runs and turns auger check high limit switch and air pressure switch.

If motor tries to turn auger but can't, check for plugged or jammed auger.

 Stove will not turn on:

Check the 120-Volt power available and power cord plugged in?

Check the fuse if equipped. (Early stoves did not use a fuse)

Measure the power at the terminal block

Stove shuts off at any setting after startup:

Check for Auger Jam and review Auger troubleshooting section.

If Auger and Convection motors turn off at the same time, check the Low Limit switch.

If all three motors are shutting off at the same time, Check wiring.

Stove Discharges smoke into room:

Check for power loss, blown fuse or seized combustion motor.

Check for plugged airway.

Check the internal circuit board.

 Stove shuts off on a low setting:

Check for low auger feed or pellet jam.

See adjustment drawing below.

Check the Low limit switch and its wiring

Fuse blows:

Check for dead short on each motor and motor wires.

Check motor current draw, Auger = .55 amps, Combustion = .31 amps, Convection = .8 amp.

Any motor runs full speed when stove is first connected to power source.

Check motor wiring

Replace the control board.

Any motor fails to run.

Connect motor directly to 120V power source, if it fails, replace motor.

Combustion Motor. This measurement is taken at the orange wire and ground.

Minimum = 88 Volts AC

Medium = 77 Volts

Maximum = 65 Volts

Convection motor. This measurement is taken at the gray wire and ground

Minimum = 96 Volts

Medium = 86 Volts

Maximum =40 Volts


Control board removal

The Wega control circuit board is located under the user control panel. Do not remove the board from the metal faceplate.

Unplug the stove

To remove the board from the stove, Remove the top left side panel by sliding it towards the rear.

Remove two screws from inside the pellet hopper holding the door lifting device and remove the device.

Remove two nuts located on the front and rear of the control board, under the top of the stove. The control panel and circuit board should fall out. It should look like the picture above.

Unplug the brown connector by squeezing the tabs on the top and bottom of the connector.

Remove the black metal door from the control panel before mailing.

There are several adjustments on the control board that may be adjusted slightly. These are factory sealed and should not need adjustment.

If the stove isn't feeding enough pellets on the lowest setting to keep the stove running. The auger motor adjustment will increase the amount of pellets delivered to the stove.

The Convection motor speed may be adjusted to increase or decrease the motor speed.